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GlobalCallForwarding was designed as a reliable way for businesses and individuals to receive international calls without the caller being charged high international rates. To achieve this, you are given a local number or toll free number for almost any country. Calls to this number are forwarded to your existing line, no matter where in the world you are. Find more info on number to reach ESA office here.

If you are looking for quality call forwarding services look no further because GlobalCallForwarding has all of your international call forwarding solutions at the finest quality. Whether you are looking for local phone numbers around the world, toll free numbers, virtual phone numbers, or toll free vanity numbers, we have a call forwarding service for you. In addition to providing the highest quality, our call forwarding services are extremely affordable. We provide the best service at the lowest cost.


It is extremely simple to forward calls to your existing line, whether it is a mobile phone or landline. You just select a forwarding number (toll free phone numbers or local phone numbers) and register your existing phone number. Calls to your new call forwarding phone number are then automatically forwarded to your current registered number.

Our toll free services are great for the small business. If you have an international business, having a toll free phone number opens your business to a much larger market. When customers and potential customers do not have to worry about having to pay international rates to call you, they are much more likely to do business with you. Toll free telephone numbers to call forward give people confidence in your business. Without a toll free telephone number, many people will choose a competitor simply because they do not want to spend the money to call you.


Our call forwarding service is great for individuals as well. For someone that has family and friends in a specific area, for example, it would be great for them to have a local number in that area so their contacts can get in touch with them be simply dialing a local number. Regardless of where in the world you are located, you can have these local calls forwarded to you.

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"Hello...moving our other two lines over from a competitor after seeing how much better your service works! Thanks for such great service."
Malvey P.

"Thank you very much for the outstanding service with not a single problem since we open an account with your company."
Lyliana J.