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A lot of people don’t understand the difference between netbooks and notebooks and often times confuse the two of them. A netbook is something that happens to be very affordable and something that is almost like a laptop. However, netbooks do have some flaws in them but they are continuing trying to change this and upgrade them to make them user friendly. The netbook and the notebook even appear almost like they are the same size but there are still many differences between netbook vs notebook.

People that might something that is really light weight and not very big might grab the netbook. The reason why is because the max on most netbooks tends to be 12 inches and below. However, a notebook can be anything around 12 inches and above. If you are not use to a small screen then the netbook might not be for you. A lot of students enjoy the netbook because they can easily carry it to their class. Someone that works a lot and travels might grab the notebook. When comparing the netbook vs notebook the screen size really does make a difference.

The processor is something else that might change between the netbook vs notebook. Most notebooks might have Dual Core and even Core 2 Duo plus AMD Turion X 2 while notebooks have AMD, Intel Atom N270, VIA C7 and other kinds of processors. Most netbooks and notebooks still tend to run fairly fast regardless of the processor because a lot of people know not to put big programs on them that might cause it to be slow.The notebook might also have a bigger selection with the kind of graphic card you might be able to get for it. If you want something to watch videos on or movies you might consider the notebook because of the more selections you get but the netbook also has a nice choice of selections so when looking into netbook vs notebook the graphics is something to think about and how much you might be needing them.

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It really is a good idea to do research first to find out what one might be the best one for you to have. You’ll need to think about if you plan on doing movie watching or if you just want to use it for school and surfing the web. Both of them tend to be affordable and light weight. There are also pros and cons for both the netbook and notebook that you might want to take into consideration before you decide on one.

Whatever one you get you’ll find that often times it’s very easy to carry around with you so you should be happy. Just do some more research between netbook vs notebook and decide what processor you might like to have and the screen size. You can also read reviews online about netbooks and notebooks to help you with deciding on what one might be the best for you to have.